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    Hello, my name is Randall Akin. I have been in the electronics industry for 20+ years designing and installing systems including electrical lighting, audio/video, home theater, surveillance, and theft prevention. I have seen the electronics industry grow from simple analog relays into complex IP based digital systems.

Several years ago, the systems we installed were very expensive and unjustifiable for the average consumer. Today, technology has provided a confusing assortment of cheap, as well as overpriced products that may, or may not, perform to your expectations. Without professional advice a person can waste a lot of time and money just to fit very basic needs.

Whether its a new keypad lock on the front door, or a complete protection and automation system for your home or business, give me a call and we can talk about any concerns or interests you have. Free Advice, Free Quotes, No Pressure, No Contracts.

Thanks, Randall


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